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Welcome to Kehilas Bais Yisroel

Kehilas Bais Yisroel was founded in 2010 to meet the needs of the growing Orthodox Jewish community of Denver’s East side. Since that time the Shul has seen tremendous growth – having started with only 14  families, our membership has swelled to nearly 60.

We strive to maintain a warm, welcoming atmosphere while  offering a serious, meaningful  Davening experience together with a strong commitment to growth through Torah study, character development and building community. Along  with our schedule of regular Minyanim and many learning opportunities, we offer several community events throughout the year including our gala Purim Seuda, annual  Summer barbeque and occasional Oneg Shabbbos.  We also offer several ladies only events such as an occasional Shiur-and-social, annual Shaleshudis, and Melave Malka.

As a community we recognize the importance of individual growth as well as growth together as a community.  We strive to strengthen our commitment to Avodas Hashem through personal Tefilah and learning, as well as emphasizing the importance of communal involvement, thus strengthening the bonds of family, friendship and camaraderie.


Sat, July 20 2024 14 Tammuz 5784